2020 Super Bowl Commercials | Our Favorites Ranked

Posted on February 6, 2020 by Megan Fox

Posted on February 6, 2020
by Megan Fox

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Super Bowl LIV has now passed, but we are still watching the advertisements, and of course, JLo’s and Shakira’s mindblowing halftime show. I hope I look that good when I’m 50 years old.

Why do people get excited about the Super Bowl commercials? They’re the best of the best. They’re humorous, witty, clever, goofy, and sometimes, emotional.

The Super Bowl commercials tell stories, and everybody loves a good story. Whether it makes them laugh or tear up, great stories leave a lasting impact on the viewer.

Great stories leave viewers wanting more, and usually more often than not, picking up their phone to Google whatever product or service that commercial was selling.

To be able to incite action is the result of great marketing and great advertising. And the Super Bowl commercials are just that – great advertising.

Below, our team ranks their favorites, from Lil Nas X eating Doritos to scrawny Jason Momoa benching only 45 pounds.

(Here are all the 2020 Super Bowl commercials in case you want to re-watch them all.)

2020 Super Bowl Commercials Ranked

Rachel’s Favorite

“I loved the Alexa commercial with Ellen and Portia de Rossi. That one felt the most ‘super bowl’ to me because it was so goofy but well developed at the same time. The script, costuming and storyline were all super entertaining. I’m also a huge history nerd, and it was fun seeing so many different time periods at once. Plus…dragon. Cute!”

Jeff’s Favorite(s)

“My two favorites were the Doritos spot with Lil Nas X and the Google spot.  I loved the Doritos commercial for its whimsey and unexpected mustache dancing. Can’t go wrong with a bit of good ole’ slapstick comedy.”

“And I loved the Google spot because it didn’t necessarily talk directly about the technology that Google has developed but instead showed the emotional effect that their technology can have. I loved the way that it told a story just with simple visuals and an authentic voiceover.”

“I thought there were lots of other good commercials, but those two spots won the night as far as I’m concerned.”

Jonathan’s Favorite(s)

“My favorite was the Rocket Mortgage commercial with Jason Momoa. It was funny because it was so weird and unexpected.  Also, I wish I looked like Jason Momoa, so seeing him look like a mortal added to the humor.”

“I also really liked the ‘Typical American’ one by Budweiser. Combining patriotism with showing the good in people just gets me pumped up.”

Megan’s Favorite(s)

“I loved the teaser commercial with MC Hammer and Cheetos. I thought it was so clever, and it really made me laugh at the end. But, maybe I’m a little biased because Cheetos are my kryptonite.”

“I also really liked the Bud Light commercials featuring Post Malone, especially Part 2. That happy face at the end! I wish everyone was always that happy!”

Chris’s Favorite

“My favorite commercial during the 2020 Super Bowl was the Groundhog Day Jeep spot. Though I do drive a Jeep, the primary reason this ad is at the top of my list is because I’m a sucker for nostalgia. Also… Bill Murray!!!!!”

Past Super Bowl Commercials

So, there you have it. Our favorites ranked. The best of the best. Which ones did we miss? Let us know which ones moved you!

Want to watch some old Super Bowl commercials? We got you covered here and here. Do they still hold up today? Let us know!

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