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Custom Content Management Systems

A content management system (CMS) is software that enables a website administrator to easily create, manage, and publish text, images, and multimedia on their website. Torx’s custom content management systems require little or no technical knowledge to operate. Within a matter of minutes, almost anyone can learn how to update their website’s content without any understanding of HTML or other programming languages.

But What About WordPress?

WordPress is often a terrific solution for many different types of websites. It has come a long, long way since the very first version was released over a decade ago, and new features, functionality, and plugins are constantly being created to make each new version better than the last. But for some incredibly complex websites, WordPress is actually not the best tool for the job. WordPress is a very flexible content management system, but some websites have such very unique business requirements and functionality, that trying to force those requirements and functionality into WordPress is like trying to hammer a nail with a screwdriver. Sure, it might be possible to “hack” a very complicated and intricate website into WordPress, but it’s sometimes not the most efficient or cost-effective approach.

Creating An À La Carte Solution

In addition to WordPress, there are many other off-the-shelf content management products currently available, but that type of software often has many bloated features that go unused. They sometimes have a steep learning curve, which results in a loss of time and money. With a custom content management solution, Torx offers an à la carte approach – only select the features that you need. We will analyze your website’s needs to create a unique CMS specifically tailored for your business objectives. A scaled-down solution makes your custom CMS easy to learn and easy to manage, especially when dealing with larger websites that have unique and sometimes complicated business requirements. Whether a custom CMS is the right solution, or whether WordPress is the right solution, we’ll help you select the right tool for the job.

Big or small… we can help design a custom CMS that works perfectly with your business objectives.

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5 Advantages of Custom Content Management Systems


Custom content management systems are built to exact specifications, which makes them very concise. There are no bloated features, and there is less of a learning curve when compared to off-the-shelf CMSs.


Unlike off-the-shelf CMSs, all of which have their limitations, custom content management systems have endless possibilities and complete design freedom.


There is far less mystery surrounding the underlying programming of the custom CMS. Because a custom CMS begins as a “blank slate”, its programmers become extremely familiar with every aspect of it.


There is less of a security risk. Because of the widespread use of WordPress, arguably the most popular CMS, it has become the target of hackers.


Because a custom content management system has no need for plugins, there is no dependence on third-party plugin developers who may (or may not) continue supporting their code.

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