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Digital Marketing

Powerful and Compelling Digital Marketing

We live and work in a 24-hour, media-driven world. Consumers today are savvier than ever before, and they fully expect the businesses and services they use to keep up with their preferences. Digital marketing is no longer an extra feature or luxury service that companies can do without – it has already become an integrated part of “business as usual”.

Digital marketing is an umbrella term that encompasses the various tools and methods businesses can use to find and connect with customers online. Compared to conventional advertising, digital methods are generally more precise, less annoying and more invested in the customer’s experience. By integrating digital tactics with conventional marketing practices, businesses can reach exponentially more customers, at all times, in a variety of ways. Only through the internet can your company seek out specific individuals while being available to anyone in the world.

Don't Be A Dinosaur

Businesses that continue to ignore digital marketing will only miss out on new customers and opportunities. If you aren’t actively trying to meet your customers where they are – in the online spaces where they spend time and make purchasing decisions – you’re already falling behind your competitors.

Many small businesses know they need a digital marketing strategy but feel too intimidated by the technology to know where to start. There’s a lot of advice out there, but how do you know which tools and tactics are best suited to your customers and your business goals? At Torx, we understand that strategy is the most important piece of digital marketing, and we’ll help you determine which tools and tactics will achieve the best results.

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Interested in a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for your business? We can help you determine the most effective tactics for reaching your target audience and achieving your strategic goals.

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5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Matters


If you aren’t connecting with customers online, you’re late to the party. Even worse, you may never know the full potential of your online marketplace. Your customers are online every day: Checking their email, engaging on social media and perusing their favorite websites. If they can’t find you online at their own convenience, they’ll find your competitors instead.


Conventional advertising is much weaker than it used to be. Customers have become immune to the obnoxious old tactics, and they can smell a bad ad sooner than they can click the tiny “x” on an intrusive pop-up. In an age where tech-loving customers can block banner ads and fast-forward through commercials, the best advertising hardly looks anything like advertising. Businesses need sophisticated tactics to stay relevant and step up their game.


More often than not, your customers are using the internet for research before making the decision to spend their money. Pay-Per-Click web advertising, social media marketing and content marketing can easily lead those prospective customers to the information they want. This means customers can keep moving themselves down the sales funnel – no cold calling required.


Results from internet marketing are measurable, so it’s easier to identify what’s working and what needs to change. It can be impossible to truly know how many people heard a radio ad or saw a TV commercial, and good luck calculating those conversion rates. But if you’re interpreting social media metrics, website analytics or customer feedback, there are a multitude of ways to determine whether your digital marketing strategy is worth your investment.


Your business is unique, and every brand has a distinct personality. Digital marketing provides endless creative opportunities to stand out from the competitors by expressing your company’s identity. Businesses that are active on social media find fun, informative or helpful ways to promote awareness of their brand and connect with potential customers beyond making the dreaded hard sell.

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