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Website Design

Every business needs an exceptional website

A website is a necessary marketing tool that enables businesses to connect with new customers. An unprofessional website though, can quickly drive potential customers away – sometimes for good. A professional website design will create buyer confidence, while a poorly-designed site will often lead to less traffic and lost sales.

A business’s website should be an extension of that company’s corporate identity. Website visitors should be able to quickly understand the consistency between a company’s logo, website, and other marketing materials. A well-designed website that stays true to a business’s brand will help customers remember that brand.

Every business needs an exceptional website. If you have a new business that needs its first website, or if you need a redesign of your existing site, we can create high-quality professional website design concepts, themes and layouts.

The website design process

We typically recommend that we create at least 2 or 3 unique design concepts for any website project. After presenting these different concepts, our clients select which design best fits their business. During the revision process, it is quite common to combine elements from multiple designs so that we can eventually arrive at a final product that is pixel-perfect.

When the web design portion of the project is complete, the web development phase – the actual programming and coding that transforms the site’s graphical elements into a fully functional website – becomes the next step in the process.

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5 Reasons A Professional Website Design Helps Your Business


Just like a dumpy brick-and-mortar storefront, a poorly-designed website will often quickly drive customers away. Conversely, a well-designed site adds credibility and legitimacy to your website and your business.


A professional website that balances the “wow factor” as well as usability encourages visitors to stay on your website longer. Those visitors are more likely to turn into customers.


Most businesses want their website visitors to complete a task (e.g. fill out a contact form, call a phone number, share information, etc.) A well-designed site guides visitors along paths to complete those various tasks.


These days, a well-designed website is often one that embraces simplicity. A simple yet professional site makes it incredibly easy for your visitors and customers to quickly locate the content they’re looking for.


Most businesses don’t want their website to be a carbon copy of somebody else’s site. At Torx, we never use off-the-shelf design templates. A custom-designed website informs your site’s visitors that your business is unique.

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