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Mobile Website Development

These days almost everybody consumes content on the web via tablet and mobile devices. Your website needs to look terrific and be accessible to everyone, whether your site’s visitors are viewing your site on a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone. As of April 2022, the estimated number of smartphone users in the US now totals almost 300 million. That number will certainly continue to grow over the next several years. Now more than ever, it is essential that your website look incredible and work flawlessly on devices of any size. Torx specializes in what is referred to as “responsive website design”. Responsive website design is the practice of designing a website that looks and works correctly when viewed on multiple devices with different screen sizes. We build these sites so that they’re “smart” enough to know how to display content, text, photos, video, etc. in a manner that fits the size of the screen on which it’s being viewed. The goal is to provide the optimal user experience for everyone, whether an individual is viewing your website on a 27″ widescreen monitor or an iPhone. We very strongly encourage our clients to consider the concept of responsive website design when having a website created or redesigned.

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5 Reasons Your Website Should Be Responsive


The future present is mobile. With an increasingly large number of individuals accessing web content via mobile devices, a responsive site ensures that your visitors have a positive user experience.


Properly designed responsive websites will work on mobile and tablet devices that haven’t even been released yet. They’re future-proof!


Your site’s content can be easily edited just once, and those changes will appear to everyone regardless of the device they're using. There is no need to update the same content multiple times for multiple screen sizes.


For websites with content management systems like WordPress, responsive websites require less training.


Responsive websites are less expensive than the old way of having to build two completely separate websites – one desktop-sized and one mobile-sized.

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