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All About The Ads

Posted on February 4, 2014

Let’s face it. A large percentage of Americans watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. After the game ends, it’s all about the winning team, the MVP, the Lombardi trophy, and the massive amounts of confetti that pour out of the sky as the clock hits 00:00… and those poor people that have to clean up that stadium. Your local news reports the final score and highlights the following morning, and then the hype dies down. You drive to work, celebrate your team with your fellow fans or hide in your cubicle and sulk over the loss. Your coworkers all stand around the coffee maker [because who stands around the water cooler anymore?!] and talk about what?….the commercials! So we’re joining in on the conversation.

This year didn’t have any mind blowing commercials [personal opinion.] There were a few that made us laugh, a few that pulled at our heart strings, and a few movie trailers that made you want to fast forward to the release date and buy a ticket [cough cough Transformers cough cough.]

Nevertheless, here’s the final tally on the Torx Media Favorite Commercials List 2014:

Radio Shack Brings Back the 80's

Jeff: “My favorite spot was the Radio Shack ad that incorporated all of those 80s characters. Awesome to see Alf and the California Raisins back in the spotlight.”

Volkswagen Wings

Chris: “My favorite spot was the VW wings commercial. This one had a simple concept that was executed well and humorously. It made me pay attention to Volkswagen again…. after many years of not noticing (or flat out ignoring) what they had to offer.”

Budweiser: A Hero's Welcome

Tara: “My favorite spot was the Budweiser ‘A Hero’s Welcome.’ Nothing beats a military homecoming. So well deserved.”

So there you have it. Another year of expensive television commercials, copious amounts of chips and dip, buffalo wings, and beer. Only 362 days until we do it all over again.

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