Favorite Richmond Things: Rachel Edition

Posted on November 22, 2019 by Rachel Crowe

Posted on November 22, 2019
by Rachel Crowe

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I’m pretty new to Richmond, but I’ve got some favorite Richmond places, trends, and traditions that I’d love to share!

Favorite Breakfast Spot

Joe’s Inn! This place is always worth the wait. They have the thickest French toast I have EVER seen and the potatoes are to die for.

Best Coffee Spot

Rostov’s for sure. I highly recommend the spiced vanilla chai if you have a sweet tooth.

Best Spot for a Walk

Hollywood Cemetery is so beautiful! The views at the outskirts are gorgeous, and the land itself has so much character. I’m also a huge fan of the Richmond Vampire legend. If you’re not a fan of all things spooky, Maymont is a close second!

Best Mexican Food

La Bamba on the corner of 18th and E Franklin! If I’m going out of town, though, it would definitely have to be Patron in Mechanicsville.

Weekly Tuesday Ritual

I’ve made quite a habit out of going to Arianna’s for dinner and then catching a movie at Bowtie on Tuesdays. I love a good deal, I love movies, and I love pasta. Score.

Favorite Date Night

Mini golfing at Hotel Greene was a very unique experience! They have great decor and each room is totally decked out to make you feel like you’re in an old hotel. Also, who doesn’t love mini golf?

Hotel Greene

Best Pizza Place

I have to go with Benny’s. My Harrisonburg heart couldn’t go without it, and they have some awesomely quirky specials (highly recommend the Tarantino).

Favorite Random Richmond Experience

One recent weekend I got lost (as I often do in Richmond) and accidentally ended up in the middle of the 24 Hours to Hell and Back setup at Southern Kitchen. My boyfriend and I are major Gordon Ramsay fans, so needless to say I’ve never been more pleased with my poor sense of direction.

Favorite Wednesday Ritual

Every week a few friends and I go to Billy Jacks trivia. Our weekly team name may be funny, but know that I’m very serious about my trivia. Our best scores yet include the “Nicolas Cage” and “Films About Horse” rounds.

Favorite Music Spot

Capital Ale House is a super short walk for me, so Richmond Music Hall is a must! I recently saw Illiterate Light there and the show was fantastic.

Favorite Art Collections

I love visiting the VMFA when I’m feeling like some big name art, but when it comes to locals, Art Works Gallery is a must see! They also have a super cute dog, so there’s something there for everyone.

Favorite Lunch Spot near the Torx office

Cafe Zata is a great spot for sandwiches, not to mention their giant homemade chips! The building itself is also super cute, with local Richmond art and a garage door wall that they open up when the weather is nice.

Favorite Richmond View

I am obsessed with the view of the Richmond skyline from my rooftop in Shockoe. The Wells Fargo building and the Main Street Station are both close by, and their lights are hypnotizing.

Richmond Skyline

Favorite Richmond Rumors

I’ve heard that the Monroe building is incredibly close to the height of Godzilla in one of the recent movies. Just imagine being chased by the Monroe building, only it has teeth…lots of teeth. Yikes!

Favorite Touristy Spot

When I get visitors in Richmond I always bring them by World of Mirth! There’s something fun for everyone there, and it was my go-to birthday gift stop even before I lived in Richmond.

Favorite Thrift Shop

Rumors Boutique on Broad Street has such a fun selection of every type of clothing! I always love looking through the buttons and pins at the counter.

Things to do in Richmond

What awesome RVA spots are we missing? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook, and they just may show up on future Richmond Favorites round-ups.

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