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Let’s Spring-Clean Those Old Bookmarks

Posted on June 2, 2022 by Christopher Rhines

The more I think about it, I don’t think I do bookmarks correctly. It usually goes something like this: I stumble upon an interesting website, I bookmark it, I promptly forget about it, and I never ever revisit that site again. Now, I don’t do this all the time, but I would have to guesstimate that over 90% of my bookmarks are these one-and-done sites that I’ve never returned to. So let’s do some spring cleaning! I went through years and years and years of old bookmarks and selected a few that were interesting, entertaining, and maybe even a wee bit educational. They’re definitely all pretty random. Here we go…

Office Ipsum

http://officeipsum.com/ We often use “lorem ipsum” placeholder text when we’re designing and developing new websites for our clients. Office Ipsum is a fun alternative that makes use of overused business jargon to generate placeholder text for website mock-ups.

Timeline of The Far Future

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_the_far_future Are you obsessed with the heat death of the universe like I am? No? No one? Tough crowd. Well, if you do happen to have an interest in predictions about Earth, the universe, technology, and space exploration, this Wikipedia page will keep you busy for a while.

Flight Radar

https://www.flightradar24.com/ At any given moment, there are a lot of planes in the sky. A LOT! The Flight Radar website is a fun way to keep track of a particular flight or just see what’s happening in the skies around the world.

Grid Calculator

http://gridcalculator.dk/ This is actually a bookmark that I DO use all the time. Most website layouts we design are based on a grid, which enables copy and content to live within columns and rows. This helpful little grid calculator tool does the math so we don’t have to, to determine appropriate column, gutter, and margin widths.

Arcade Ambience

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6aNPsjNwFo This is 1 hour, 6 minutes, and 29 seconds of the sounds of my youth. If you were to ask me what 1983 sounded like, this is it. It may seem like a novelty, but I actually do sometimes play this ambient arcade “noise” while I code.

MS-DOS Archive

https://archive.org/details/softwarelibrary_msdos_games Since we’re already on the topic of old video games, how about some MS-DOS classics? From Oregon Trail to Wolfenstein 3D to Microsoft Flight Simulator, you can play a whole bunch of these old classics for free at archive.org.

Can I Use?

https://caniuse.com/ Ok, let’s get back to things that make my job easier. caniuse.com is an incredibly helpful website to find out what web browsers do (and don’t) support features such as HTML elements, CSS styles, image formats, and much more. This comes in very handy when experimenting with newer features that may or may not be supported across all browsers.

Music Map

https://www.music-map.com/ When I’m not playing ambient arcade background noise, I’m usually listening to music while I code my way through each workday. When I’m in the mood for something new, I head over to music-map.com. Enter the name of an artist or band you like, and this site will generate a neat visual representation of similar artists and bands. I’m still holding out for a Europe / Whitesnake / Toto / Def Leppard tour!

Pretty random, eh? Can’t wait to see what the next 10 years of forgotten bookmarks look like! Were you able to identify any games from the Arcade Ambience audio? Let us know below!

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Christopher is the Director of Development and one of the partners at Torx. In addition to keeping Torx's Richmond office firing on all cylinders, he can often be found deep in the trenches, building custom content management systems and WordPress-powered websites. He still remembers how to write Basic computer programs on Apple IIs and Commodore 64s.