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Torx Monthly Wrap Up – December

Posted on January 8, 2015

December was a great month for Torx! We had a great time bowling at our annual holiday party, relaxed during the holidays, and somehow still found time to complete some new projects. We’re ready to head into the New Year at full speed, but first, we want to highlight some of our favorite new work from the past month.

Argent Credit Union

Argent Credit Union is a local credit union that has branches throughout the Richmond-metro area. They wanted a clean and modern site to reflect their always-adapting business (they just introduced an awesome mobile app and a great VISA Platinum Rewards credit card), so we were more than excited when they came to us for a site redesign. Their new site has a crisp and contemporary feel to it and is responsive, so you can check it out and bank while on the go! We are also kicking off a complete digital marketing campaign with display ads as well as taking over their search engine marketing as well.

The Breast Center at Surgical Associates

We created a brochure for The Breast Center at Surgical Associates. In addition to designing and developing websites, we also do a variety of marketing projects including print marketing, and this is a good example of some of the work we produce. This brochure goes into detail about the services provided at The Breast Center, the physicians that work there, and provides some general information about the practice. We’re really looking forward to printing these within the next few days!

Japan Parts Service

This client came to us looking for help defining their branding. They already had a business (they sell Japanese auto parts) but were looking for a logo and website. After sitting down with them and getting a good feel for what they were looking for, we mocked up a few different logos for them to take a look at. While they loved all of them, they were particularly drawn to the one featured. Once we got approval on the logo design we dove right into working on the initial designs for the website. Be on the lookout for this project to go live in February!

Taking Donors Seriously

For this project, we worked in tandem with Randall Branding to launch a new website for the consulting company The FOCUS Group. This site has a fully responsive layout and features a parallax effect, which can be seen when scrolling through the site.

Treasury Software

Treasury Software, a local software development company, came to us recently to have their website redesigned. We’re also in the process of creating print collateral to promote their innovative software products!

Those are just a few of the many projects we worked on this past month. Keep up to date with our latest work by checking back in on our monthly wrap-ups, or follow us on social media! Want to see what we can do for your business? Contact us today!

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