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The Brochure Site Still Exists!

Posted on February 21, 2012

In the ever-evolving world of web technology, content management systems are becoming increasingly popular among business owners. Our clients’ business requirements often dictate whether or not a CMS should be integrated into each of their websites. But what about those business owners who don’t need a CMS to manipulate their website’s content?

In a world where blogging and e-commerce websites are becoming more prevalent than ever, there are still business owners who simply want a basic, informational site. Yes, the brochure site still exists!

The “brochure” site gets its name from the traditional print brochures everyone has seen over the years. Historically, print brochures have been an effective way for a company to provide general information about their products and services to their prospective customers. A brochure website emulates that very same concept. It’s the same information that would typically be presented in a paper brochure; the medium is simply updated so that the same content can now reach that business’s customers via the internet.

How can you determine if a brochure site is right for your company?

  • Your website is strictly informational.
  • The content on your website isn’t likely to change, or updates are very infrequent.
  • You do not need to sell any products directly from your site.
  • You require fewer than 10 individual pages to showcase who you are and what you do.

Be Consistent With Your Brand

As a business owner, if proceeding with the development of a brochure website, it is crucial that your site’s content delivers a message that is consistent to your brand and true to your business. Good web developers will often help you with your copy and content, by suggesting keyword placement strategies and other SEO techniques.

A Team Approach

The most successful way to work with your web developer is to approach the project as a team. Your web developer will rely on you, the business owner, to provide the basic content that tells your business’s story, along with the copy that showcases the products and services being offered. And the business owner will rely on the web developer to design and build the new website, while staying true to your vision.

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