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Social Media News – Week of 3/23

Posted on March 24, 2015

Facebook's new guidelines are worth checking out.

Facebook’s new guidelines are worth checking out.

Social media – an ever-changing, always-essential aspect of our lives. While, for the most part, the platforms stay consistent, there are always new updates arriving to shake up our sense of social. It’s important to stay on top of these changes as they could affect any social strategy. Find out what’s changing this week:


1. Facebook has just released new post standards. The new guidelines are on par with what has previously existed, but be sure to read the section on intellectual property rights to make sure your content isn’t violating any copyright laws.

2. Rumor has it that Facebook may be expanding its Messenger app into a whole new platform. This would bring more features to the already feature-filled app, but as of right now, Facebook has declined to comment, so we will too.


1. If you’ve used Quick Promote on Twitter, you know how convenient this new feature is. This feature is now available on Android devices, and an iOS version should be coming soon. Learn more here.


1. Instagram has just released a new app called Layout. This app allows users to combine multiple photos into one image. Previously, users have had to go to third party apps to create collage-style photos, but Layout from Instagram will reduce the need for this.


1. Do you hate YouTube annotations? You know – those text-boxes that pop-up mid video and hide half of the screen? Good news: YouTube is phasing out this feature. Bad news: YouTube is replacing it with something called “cards.” We have yet to see any “cards” on a video, but we will be on the lookout for this new feature.

That’s all for the week of March 23. However, each week brings about new changes, so we’re sure there will be more next week. Until then, enjoy these new features, and check back in each week to read our social media roundup!

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