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Social Media News – Week of 2/23

Posted on February 24, 2015

We’re reaching the end of February, but 2015 is just beginning. These past two months have been great and we’re looking forward to seeing what the rest of the year has to offer. So far, a lot has happened in the world of social media and we don’t anticipate that this will change throughout the rest of the year. Stay in the loop with all of the updates as the year goes on by reading our weekly Social Media News!



Facebook’s new Product Ads feature will give flexibility when advertising on the platform.

Facebook has just announced its newest feature: Product Ads. This new feature allows for a number of ways to showcase products on the platform, and these ads can be customized quite a bit. For more info, check out Facebook’s blog post on the matter.

Like advertising on Facebook but hate paying for ads that aren’t actually seen? Never fear! Facebook has just released a statement announcing that users won’t have to pay for ads that don’t get seen. This is great news for brands who advertise on Facebook!


In a previous entry we wrote about the benefits of Twitter’s “While You Were Away” feature that had rolled out for iOS and desktop. Now the feature will be displayed on Android devices as well, meaning your brand’s Twitter reach may find itself growing.


Speaking of reach, LinkedIn ads will soon find a growing reach as well. LinkedIn is employing an “audience network,” which means that the ads shared on LinkedIn will continue to target their audiences off-site. If you advertise on LinkedIn, you may just start seeing your ads out in the wild!


Recently, Vine introduced a new “Vine for Kids” app, and YouTube has taken note. The online video service will be launching an app for kids this Thursday. Some of the channels include DreamWorks TV, National Geographic, and Jim Henson TV. This app will have ads running on it, but as of right now we aren’t sure how these will be selected. We’d love to hear a report back from any parents using this for their kids.

Brand sponsors beware! YouTube has tightened the rules on brand-sponsored videos. Brands can no longer place logos or products as overlays on videos – unless, of course, that sponsor has a deal with Google. This is a bummer for brand sponsors everywhere, but will likely increase ad revenue for YouTube.

Each week we scour the web to find out what has changed and what will be changing when it comes to social media. You can keep up with all of the latest changes by checking out our blog or social media accounts every Tuesday!

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