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Social Media News – Week of 1/26

Posted on January 27, 2015

It’s the last week of January and already this year is off to a great start. We’ve been keeping busy with plenty of projects and ping-pong matches, but we’ve still had time to keep up with what’s been changing in social media!


Facebook is about to start letting you flag hoax posts in your feed. When you choose to hide something in your feed, Facebook now offers the option to flag it as a false news story. We’ve got to say, this is a smart move on Facebook’s part. In the high-speed world of social media, it’s not uncommon for hoax posts to start trending, so this is a great way to stop their spread. We wonder how this will affect April Fool’s Day!

Like to Facebook while you work? You might want to try out Facebook at Work. This new version of the platform is completely corporate. You won’t be seeing any ads or wedding photos, and your grandma won’t be writing on your wall. Instead, you’ll be seeing posts from your coworkers and boss. We haven’t tried out this new version of Facebook, but we’d love to hear feedback from anyone who has!


Twitter and Bing have partnered to bring translated Tweets right to your feed.

Twitter and Bing have partnered to bring translated Tweets right to your feed.

6 days ago Twitter rolled out “While You Were Away,” to all of the app’s iOS users. We’ve previously talked about this feature – learn about what it is and what it can do for your digital marketing plan here.

C’est très bien! Now you can translate any Tweet in your feed, because Twitter has just partnered with Bing Translator! This new feature will make it easier to follow people from all around the world without facing any language barriers.

This week may have been slow for social media, but that doesn’t mean next week will! Keep up with the ever-changing platforms by reading our social media blogs each week!

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