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Lately In Social Media – August 2018

Posted on August 20, 2018

They say an hour may destroy what an age was building, and that couldn’t be more true in the world of social media. Here we go again, y’all…


  • The culling of targeting options has begun. More than 5,000 options are getting the axe, partly in response to criticism that some of the tools facilitate discrimination. But this likely won’t hurt marketers, because there are still soooooo many targeting options that will help you reach your intended audience anyway.
  • On that note, Facebook is making good on their vow to crack down on bad actors and “inauthentic behavior.”
  • They’re also taking a closer look at who’s playing administrator on Pages with large followings.
  • When businesses lost their hold on the news feed, it seemed that Pages would soon become atrophied and vestigial relics, too…until Facebook realized that’s not a good way to make money. Now the Book wants businesses to treat their Page like an extra Yelp profile, a destination to collect reviews and offer quick services like scheduling appointments, etc. Make sure your contact information and hours are up-to-date, stay on top of any messages you receive, and start encouraging customers to leave reviews because they’ll become more important in the future.
  • Pixels are coming to Groups! Yay for data!
  • We already know that spending hours upon hours on social media is bad for you (cue social media managers everywhere), but my inner cynic can’t help but wonder if this whole “Time Well Spentschtick is some kind of reverse psychology wizardry to point the blame back on users. Thoughts?
  • Turns out those personality quizzes were just collecting our data, and now they’re getting booted off the platform along with hundreds of other data-vampire apps.
  • Being a group moderator can be rough – wanna share your horror stories?
  • Perhaps replacing the Share button with a Message button might be Facebook’s implicit acknowledgement that everyone prefers to share on dark social now?
  • P.S. Turns out that Facebook is a content creator – and you are the content.
  • P.P.S. Are we ready for a post-Facebook world?
  • P.P.P.S. If you’re sticking with Facebook, at least join private meme groups. They’re the best.



  • As news feed real estate dries up, Instagram Stories and IGTV are looking like more open space for ads.
  • It’s already happening – advertisers are coming to ruin the last ounce of pure fun on the internet by shoving ads into meme accounts.
  • Keep your polling more private by sending it via DM.



  • So you know how LinkedIn told us to keep using hashtags even though we weren’t sure what kind of function they’d perform in this strange social space? Now we can follow and search hashtags, which will hopefully make organic content more discoverable.
  • Groups are getting a complete overhaul, and they might be a lot more useful come September. Sales Navigator has some nifty new tools, too.


  • Here’s how to remove a video from your YouTube watch history so it can’t wreck your recommendations.


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