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Favorite Richmond Things: Jonathan Edition

Posted on April 19, 2022 by Jonathan Miranda

It’s been a few years now, but it’s time for a new edition of “Favorite Richmond Things”! After growing up in Colorado, I was able to bring a real outsider’s perspective when I moved to Virginia in 2018. Below are some of my favorite things that I’ve discovered.

VCU or University of Richmond?

Gonna have to go with the University of Richmond. I actually worked there for a quick spell and enjoyed getting to work on that beautiful campus. I’ve heard people compare it to Hogwart’s, which endeared it to me further. Another thing that ties me to UR is that I can remember watching the men’s basketball team play in the 2004 NCAA Tournament and thinking the fact that their mascot is a spider is cool.

Annual Event

The Carytown Watermelon Festival! Cause who doesn’t love watermelon? Honorable mention goes to walking down Monument Ave to look at Christmas lights. Although it’s not an official event, it did become an annual tradition for my family.

Favorite Mexican Restaurant

En Su Boca. Excellent tacos, street corn, and lemonade. The tacos are more creative than authentic but dang tasty. The building design and placement are also kind of fun and having an awesome patio never hurts. En Su Boca was the first restaurant I ever went to in Richmond so it holds a special place in my memory.

Food Truck / Cart

Definitely Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen. I had never had, let alone heard of, sourdough donuts before a friend brought us some Mrs. Yoders from the South of the James farmer’s market (which was ironically being held at Bryan Park at the time).Needless to say, I highly recommend it once they open back up.

Place To Order Takeout

I can’t choose between Kokonut Grill and Hibachi box and you can’t make me. I’m pretty sure I could live 100% off of various Asian cuisines, and these two places are amongst my favorite places to get it

Place To People-Watch

The VMFA for sure.

Coffee Shop

Wawa! (just kidding – see next section). I’d go with Cafe Zata and specifically their lavender white mocha 👌🏼

Richmond Quirk

The way people love Wawa around here. Granted, Wawas are nicer than any gas station chain in Colorado, but I was so surprised that people could feel so strongly about a convenience store.

Place For An Afternoon Stroll

I’m gonna go with Bryan Park on this one, mostly out of sentiment. During the last half of my wife’s pregnancy in 2020, we went for an after-work walk in Bryan Park almost every single day. Those walks grew to be even more important once covid hit and we were working from home.

Spot For Taking A Photo Of Downtown

The Church Hill Overlook.  It was my first good view of Richmond when I visited before moving here (if you hadn’t noticed I’m kind of sentimental haha).

More Richmond Favorites

If you want to read about more of our favorite things in Richmond, you can take a look at Chris’ and Jeff’s lists. If we missed any awesome spots, let us know on Twitter or Facebook, and they just may show up on future Richmond Favorites round-ups.

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