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Sheltering Arms

When Sheltering Arms Physical Rehabilitation Centers selected our agency to redesign their website, they wanted a fresh visual update that organized their website’s huge swaths of information into a cleaner and friendlier design.

They also expressed concerns about usability, because some of their older patients were struggling to navigate the website to find the information they needed.

The Problem

Since visitors use Sheltering Arms’ website to learn about their services, locations and clinicians, our goal with the new design was to make that information clear and easy to access without much effort.

We determined that reworking the navigation would improve usability and provide an opportunity to streamline heaps of content from the existing website.

Part of the challenge was coordinating information for multiple services, locations and clinicians, both visually in the design and on the back end of the website, so that the client could easily update that information as needed.

Our Solution

The client wanted a design that felt contemporary yet friendly and comfortable to older patients. The resulting homepage design incorporated their favorite modern design elements with prominent calls-to-action to learn more about Sheltering Arms’ services, request an appointment and more. The bottom of the homepage also features a map functionality that shows all of Sheltering Arms’ locations and indicates which services they offer.

The most critical piece of the new design was an intense overhaul of the navigation from a long list of pages into a mega menu. This feature made the most useful information easy to access, while displaying many choices in a visually appealing dropdown layout. Simplifying the massive navigation also helped the client determine which items were essential for visitors, and we worked closely with them during the design process to revise and consolidate their existing website’s content.

The back end of the website was also designed to be user friendly, ensuring that Sheltering Arms staff can easily update content on their clinicians, locations, events, and blog. We also built page modules they can use to create new pages with varying layouts to suit their needs, all within the design confines of their brand standards.

A Comprehensive Approach To Website Design and Development

The resulting website is an excellent example of our comprehensive approach to website design and development. By putting the end users’ needs first, we helped the client prioritize their content and portray information in a more approachable and effective way. Most importantly, the new design is friendly and comfortable for everyone who uses the website, on both ends.

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