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Big Lick Brewing Company

Big Lick Brewing Company is the epitome of craft beer in Downtown Roanoke, Virginia. It is a microbrewery, taproom, and beer garden that stands out for its commitment to quality and variety in craft beer.

The Problem

Big Lick Brewing Company approached us requesting an audit of their social media marketing efforts. The Big Lick team had concerns about their engagement compared to their competitors. Post likes, reactions, comments, clicks, and shares were down, and the team wanted to learn how to improve their content.

In today’s digital age, social media has become an indispensable tool for businesses of all sizes. It offers a unique platform for companies to engage directly with their audience, foster relationships, and build brand loyalty. By maintaining an active presence on social media, businesses can showcase their products or services, share updates, and provide valuable content that resonates with their target market. This level of engagement helps retain existing customers and attracts potential ones by creating a strong online presence. Social media platforms allow businesses to humanize their brand, making them more relatable and trustworthy in the eyes of consumers.

Our Solution

Social Media Audit

We partnered with Big Lick to provide them with an in-depth social media audit. The audit included what they were currently doing, what was working well, and what could be improved. It also included many content recommendations to increase reach and engagement.

The audit we created looked at Big Lick’s social media metrics on Facebook and Instagram for one whole year. The data compared current numbers to that of the previous year. This audit drilled into various social media key performance indicators, which included:

  • Page likes/follows
  • Page impressions (organic and paid)
  • Page reach (organic and paid)
  • Page views
  • Total engagements
  • Page engaged users
  • Page engagement rate
  • Total social impact
  • Post comments
  • Post shares
  • Post likes
  • Post reactions
  • Post engagement rate
  • Website clicks

The audit also noted exceptionally well-performing content, why it performed well, Facebook and Instagram best practices, a high-level view of Big Lick’s competitors’ activity, and content and strategy recommendations.

Social Media Content Strategy

We compiled many recommendations to help Big Lick’s overall social media presence. Some of these recommendations included:

  • How frequently to post 
  • When and at what times to post 
  • Caption length advice
  • Call to action suggestions
  • Hashtag guidance
  • How to best utilize Facebook Page Insights
  • The importance of content calendars and how to develop one
  • Instagram aesthetic direction
  • Which picture dimensions to use
  • Content themes
  • How to run ads and what ads to run

And more! We can’t give all our secrets away!

After the initial audit, we also provided them with a 90-day check-in and created another report that evaluated the results of their social media content since implementing our recommendations.

The Results

Our tailored social media marketing strategy delivered significant results for Big Lick Brewing Company. It led to a substantial increase in their profile views, page likes, impressions, reach, engaged users, and overall engagement, thereby boosting their online presence and customer interaction.   

After 90 days of implementing our recommendations, Big Lick’s Facebook post impressions increased by 57%! Facebook page reactions increased by 95%! And Instagram’s post likes increased by 31%. 

Below are some of the other most noteworthy results Big Lick saw after implementing our recommendations. These results were recorded after 90 days. 


  • Page following grew by 335 people
  • Cumulative page impressions increased by 17% (organic and paid)
  • Organic page impressions increased by 18%
  • Cumulative page reach increased by 23% (organic and paid)
  • Organic page reach increased by 23%
  • Total engagements increased by 4%
  • Page engaged users increased by 11%
  • Profile views increased by 10%
  • Social impact increased by 84%
  • Post impressions increased by 57% (organic and paid)
  • Organic post impressions increased by 50%
  • Post reach increased by 56% (organic and paid)
  • Organic post reach increased by 51%
  • Paid post reach increased by 100%
  • Page reactions increased by 95%
  • Page comments increased by 198%
  • Post shares increased by 9%



more profile views


more post impressions


higher post reach


more post likes


more website clicks



Organic: free, non-paid content

Page impressions: the total number of times people saw any content associated with your Page.

Page reach: the number of people (unique users) who had any content from your Page or about your Page enter their screen. This includes posts, check-ins, ads, social information from people who interact with your Page, and more.

Facebook engagements: the number of times people clicked on any of your content.

Page engaged users: the number of people who engaged with your Page. Engagement includes any click.

Social impact: the total number of reactions on all posts, plus all the shares and all of the page likes.

Post impressions: the number of times people saw your posts.

Post reach: the total number of unique people who saw any of your Page posts.



Definitions come from DashThis

A Consistent, Engaging, and Targeted Social Media Marketing Strategy

Big Lick came to us with the hopes of increasing their social media engagement on Facebook and Instagram and devising a content strategy. After implementing our recommendations, we saw a surge in page likes and followers, likes, reactions, comments, shares, and website clicks, as well as increased reach, impressions, and profile views.

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that can significantly boost a company’s visibility and reach. With billions of users worldwide, these platforms allow businesses to reach a vast audience and target their marketing efforts more precisely through demographic, geographic, and behavioral data. Social media advertising is cost-effective compared to traditional marketing channels, offering measurable results and insights that can help refine strategies and improve ROI. 

Leveraging social media effectively can drive traffic, generate leads, and ultimately increase sales, making it a vital component of any comprehensive marketing strategy. Do you find yourself lacking time to dedicate to your social media presence? Let us take the reins so you can focus on your business! Use the Contact Us form below to get in touch.

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