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Why hiring an agency is the best thing for your marketing

Posted on March 23, 2017

Got a business? Check. Need to market it? Check. Know how to do it yourself? Umm…maybe? That’s where an agency can help. While it may seem like doing your own marketing is the easiest option, in reality, it’s not. Here are some reasons why getting an agency involved is smarter.

We’re the experts

You are the expert at your business – maybe it’s surgery, or maybe it’s knitting cat outfits – and we are experts at marketing. Agencies are filled with people who have a passion for marketing, have studied it, and have executed marketing campaigns for  years. It is literally our jobs to market for other companies, so we are the best at it. So wouldn’t it make sense to go to the experts if you want the best marketing for your company? We think so.

It saves time

If your business isn’t about marketing, then you probably have plenty of other things you need to be doing with your time.Learning about Google AdWords or posting things on social media may not be the best use of your valuable time. Having an agency help you with your marketing means having more time to do the things you actually care about and enjoy doing.  Especially since you could be using that time to do your job, or to find more work, if you’re a small business owner. It also lets your employees focus on their actual work instead of doing marketing activities on the side, which may or may not be effective. Take the burden of doing your own marketing off your plate so you can use your time for other things.

It’s cost-effective

While it may seem like it’s cheaper to keep your marketing in-house, when you think big picture, it’s really not. When you work with an agency, you get a team of experts who can offer you a range of services, from web design to social media. If you were to hire in-house experts in all those different fields, you would have a much higher overhead cost to cover all those salaries, trainings, technology requirements, etc. Reaching out to an agency only incurs costs when you need them. There aren’t overhead costs to think about, and you get a variety of services from one agency, rather than needing to go to multiple companies or people.

Offer an outside perspective

On top of being experts in the field, agencies are an expert outside perspective for you. In many situations people can be too close to something to see it clearly. For example, agencies are not afraid to use their expertise to objectively evaluate a website or a marketing campaign. The only goal for the agency is to help you be more successful, and so an agency’s ideas and suggestions are coming from an objective perspective of wanting the company to succeed.


Even though it may seem like doing your own marketing is a good idea, it’s definitely not. Let an agency (Torx specifically!) help you get your marketing on track.