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A Custom Site Is Like A Custom Suit

Posted on April 12, 2018

Picture this: You’ve been pushing your company to budget for a new site for more than a year. But every time you bring it up, it’s always pushed aside because the current site is “getting the job done.” But you keep pushing because you know things can be so much better. Then one day, something happens that FINALLY changes the answer to your question and you get the green light to get a new site built! How exciting!! And now the hard part: You need to figure out what kind of site you want built, how much you want to spend, and who you want to work with to get it built.

Getting the green light to finally rebuild your site, or deciding you want a site in the first place, is a very exciting step. However, figuring out the specifics of who should build it and what’s important to have functionality-wise and cost are all really tough decisions to make. You can save a lot of money if you figure out a way to build it yourself, of course. But then, do you really get everything you want when you’re so restricted by those kinds of sites and your limited knowledge on websites? Probably not. And that’s where we come in.

Torx is here to build you the custom website of your dreams. If you can dream it, we’ll find a way to make it happen. But how is that really different from using sites like Squarespace or Wix, or other companies that build from pre-designed templates? Those companies are like getting a suit from Macy’s. It’ll be nice, but it’s never be a perfect fit. We’re that custom-designed suit you’ve always dreamed of that has everything you could ever want and fits perfectly.

Built for your needs, no need to change your needs to fit it.

When we build a website, each step is customized to what the client wants. Each step – site mapping, design and development – is built around what the client wants the site to look like and do. If you want a background video as the hero section on the homepage, then that’s what we build. If you want all your employees to have individual pages with images, bios and contact info, then that’s what we build. We don’t limit you to what a specific theme does or doesn’t allow you to do. Especially if you have very specific needs, a pre-built theme may or may not be able to accommodate those specific needs. However, we can build in any special functionality the way you want it done, so you don’t need to change your needs to fit a template.

The ability to edit your site will be so easy.

We build most of our sites in WordPress, which is pretty easy to use when you want to make minor edits to a site. However, some pre-made themes can complicate things on the back end, which can then overcomplicate the site. We believe in making websites that are easy to work with behind the scenes, but we also don’t want to overwhelm you with too many options. That’s why we’ll build custom fields for you to use based on your content and your needs, without any unnecessary extras. It should be easy to hop into WordPress, make a few edits, and hop back out. And that’s how we build our sites.

No two sites should be the same, because every site is unique (or should be).

Not only are your site’s needs unique, you want your site to look and feel unique too. You want your site to stand out from everything else out in the world. However, using a standard theme and just changing the colors doesn’t quite accomplish that. Plus you run the risk of looking like dozens of other sites out there, potentially even like a competitor in your industry. That’s why it’s so important to us to make sites that stand out and make an impression on users, instead of blending in with standard website templates.

When it comes down to it, building a site can be an extensive and complicated process. Which is why you should make sure it’s done properly, by professionals who will hand-craft your site to your specific needs. A unique website is a sign of high quality and attention to detail, like a tailored suit or a craft beer. A baseline suit or generic beer are okay, but a tailored suit and a craft beer are so much more exciting.


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