5 Ways Your Company Should Be Using Email Marketing Right Now

Posted on August 10, 2018 by Jeff Pollard

Posted on August 10, 2018
by Jeff Pollard

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Email marketing is one of the best ways to to stay top-of-mind with your existing customer base.  Most people check their email many times per day and if they already know and trust your brand, they’re not likely to delete or mark your messages as spam.  So, how can you effectively utilize email marketing to grow your business?  Here are 5 ideas:

  1. Advertise your social media accounts and push your email list subscribers to engage with you socially. Your social media accounts can be yet another way that your can frequently stay in touch with your audience.  For example, if your restaurant just created a Yelp page and you’re looking for a batch of good reviews to get your page started on the right foot, you could ask your email list to check it out and write a review for your business.
  2. Promote a new product or service that your business just began offering. Use this as an opportunity to show how your business is staying ahead of your competitors with this new product or service.  Even if your customers may not be interested in this new product or service, they may know someone who is looking for it and can tell them about it.
  3. Talk about your community involvement. Did your company recently participate in a community event or support a local non-profit organization?  Make sure you tell your customers about it.  Don’t forget to include photos of your employees in action at the event!
  4. Share three things that your customers may not know about your business. Sometimes your customers may have one particular product or service that they associate with your business, not realizing that you offer a wider range of products/services than that.  This is a great way for your customers to feel like they really know your business intimately.
  5. Acknowledge awards or industry recognition that your business has recently received. This is a great opportunity to show leadership in your industry and thank your customers and employees for their support.  Don’t be afraid to be proud and thankful for the praise – it’s great PR for your business.

There are many great ways to utilize email marketing to stay closely connected with your customers – these are just a few ideas you may not have considered.  As always, Torx can provide assistance with your email marketing needs, from strategy through to execution of a beautiful branded email template.  Contact us today to see how we can help your business!

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