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5 Tips to Attract and Keep Your Website Visitors

Posted on August 18, 2017

Almost everyone who starts a website wants to drive more visitors to it. The big question is, how? With so many keywords, possible solutions and tutorials available, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. We compiled a small list of some of the most effective (and simple!) ways to increase your website traffic and keep people coming back.

#5 Interaction

People love expressing their opinions. By integrating your website with social media applications such as Pinterest or Facebook, you can not only help keep a visitor on your website but drive more traffic to it. Facebook will even allow you to target your ads to people who’ve liked your content.

#4 Focus on the visitor and how you can solve their particular problem(s)

If someone has hit your website, chances are they were looking to fulfill a need. In less than a minute, you have to gain your potential website visitor’s attention. On the homepage, find a way to instantly drive what you do to them – a slideshow, a graphic, some engaging content – and place it so it’s one of the first thing someone sees when visiting your site – placing it “above the fold,” if you will. As the visitor travels down the length of your homepage, expand more on the original point(s) you gave them in the first bit of content.

The homepage doesn’t have to be solely about the original point given though – you may show a preview of the latest posts or display a news feed to show that you’re active on the web. This helps get the visitor to trust that not only can you solve their problem, but you’re interested in constantly learning better ways to do it.

#3 Keep the navigation simple

People are naturally curious, but at the same time, they hate searching for things. Don’t bury your content under a mountain of menu items. Most people have better things to do than traverse through the pages of your website to find something such as your contact form. Try and keep menu links to your content as obvious as possible – if only google can find the content a visitor is looking for, chances are your bounce rate is pretty high since most visitors can’t find out anything else without feeling lost on your website.

Also, never duplicate your content, as most search engines will penalize you for this.

#2 Page load speed

You have less than a minute to intrigue your website visitor – don’t spend it loading the content. There are ways to quickly generate content, no matter how much you have – a long page load time is not an inevitability. Google Analytics will monitor your page load speed, although it doesn’t apply to how you rank.

#1 Well-written content

Check your spelling, check your grammar and use real words. While most English-speakers can understand the correlation between “u” and “you,” that doesn’t mean that we want to see that on a professional website!

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