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Torx’s Digital Marketing Awards

Posted on January 30, 2018

We’re in the swing of award show season, as all the entertainment-lovers out there know, so we thought we’d hop on that theme and do some awards of our own.

The Newcomer/Ingenue Award

What came on the scene recently, or at least came into our scene recently, that we really took to? Google Tag Manger. We manage a lot of websites, and specifically track a lot of different things between all these websites. What Google Tag Manager allows us to do is manage all those tracking tags for all our different websites all in one place. So we can look at Google Analytics tracking, Facebook tracking, etc all in one place so we can get a better idea of the traffic on all the sites we manage in a much more convenient way. This has been a life-changer for us, and allows our website support and reporting to be so much easier to undertake. Here’s hoping Google Tag Manager continues to be a helpful tool in the future, not just a one-hit wonder.

The Meryl Streep Award

This award is for the thing that has been steady in its performance over the years. You can always count on Meryl Streep to give you a great performance, which is why she has so many Oscar nominations (21!!). There’s also something we can always count on to get the job done, not only kind of well, but really well. And the winner is…the WordPress platform!

There’s a reason why we build as many of our sites on WordPress as we possibly can. It’s versatile, easy to work with, and makes life so much easier for our clients. We are even pushing to rebuild some of our older sites in WordPress, because it’s better for us and our clients. Congratulations, WordPress, for being so steady and consistent.

The Favorite Kind of Content Award

The world has so much information and content, and so many different ways and places to share it. That means content can easily get lost in the mix. Which also means you need something to help your content stand out, and social media platforms like Facebook agree. They don’t want boring text, they want more engaging kinds of content. Which is why the winner of favorite kind of content goes to…video!

There’s a reason why all you seem to see on your Facebook newsfeed are videos. Facebook loves video content, as do users since they seem to engage most with videos. So if you didn’t get the video memo before, make sure you do this year.

The Make or Break Award

With all the changes in social media, especially the overhaul to Facebook’s algorithm (gaaah!!), it’s getting harder and harder for companies to get noticed on social media. Organic SEO pushes are also really hard to make on Google search results, so what’s a sure-fire way to get in front of the audience you want to reach? Paid advertising. Paying for advertising on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google are all musts for companies nowadays. With social media platforms down-ranking company posts, advertising is one of the only ways to make sure you still show up for people you are trying to reach. And since social media advertising and Google AdWords allow you to target so well, you know you’ll be reaching people who are actually interested in your company and what you do. So if you haven’t gotten into paid advertising yet, you need to get on that bandwagon or you’ll be left in the dust.

Most Creative Way To Explain a Confusing Concept Award

There are lots of confusing concepts out there that require some major explaining. Luckily for us, Burger King took charge of explaining net neutrality to the world. They created a Whopper Neutrality video that explained how net neutrality worked, and what repealing it looks like, while using the Whopper as an example.  If you need a great way to understand the repeal of net neutrality, give the ad a watch. Not only does it explain it perfectly, it’s a fun and engaging way to do it, too. Now that’s some creative content marketing right there.

Was there something in the digital marketing world that really stuck out to you that we didn’t mention? Let us know on Twitter!

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