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Social Media News – Week of 6/1

Posted on June 2, 2015

Twitter's new Audience Insights provides a lot of information about your brand's key audiences.

Twitter’s new Audience Insights provides a lot of information about your brand’s key audiences.

It’s the first week of June and the year is already halfway over. We can’t believe that 2015 has been moving so fast! Speaking of things that move fast, we’ve got a few new social media changes for you to read about. To find out what’s new this week, read on.


1. Great news! Facebook has finally begun supporting animated GIFs. This has been a much-demanded feature over the years, and it seems Facebook has finally listened to these requests. As of right now, users can only share links to GIFs (instead of uploading them straight from their computers or mobile phones), and Pages cannot share GIFs at all. We have a feeling that this will change soon, as the new GIF feature has already become incredibly popular.


1. Is your brand global? Is your brand on Instagram? If so, look forward to Instagram’s newest feature: global carousel ads. This feature, which allows for brands to share multiple images in one Instagram post, is already available in the US. Now all we can do is wait and hope that they open this feature up to regular users as well!


1. Twitter has just rolled out Audience Insights, a new feature that gives in-depth information to advertisers about their key audiences on Twitter. These insights give more information about user demographics, interests, lifestyle, purchasing behavior, TV viewing behavior, and mobile footprint. This is a great move on Twitter’s part, and we’re looking forward to testing out this feature ourselves.

That’s all we’ve got for this week’s social media news. However, social media is always changing, so check back in with our blog or social media pages to read our weekly social media roundup!