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Social Media News – Week of 4/20

Posted on April 21, 2015

Facebook's Riff allows users to collaborate when creating videos.

Facebook’s Riff allows users to collaborate when creating videos.

It’s Tuesday already, so that means we’ve taken a look at the latest changes to all of your favorite social media platforms and have rounded them up here. Read on to find out what’s new:


1. Facebook has just introduced Riff, a new collaborative video creation tool. This new tool allows for users to create a video – after the user gives the video a topic, their friends can then add clips to the video. This is a very interesting new feature, and we’re looking forward to seeing what creative potential it has.


1. If you’ve visited the Twitter homepage while logged out recently, you may have noticed some changes. Twitter has redone the way the homepage looks for logged out users; the homepage now displays trending topics, various categories, and live tweets, meaning your tweets now have the possibility of reaching an even larger audience.

2. Like retweeting but wish that you could add more commentary? Never fear, a new feature is here! Twitter has just updated its retweet feature, making it possible for users to retweet a tweet and add their own commentary. We’ve got to say, we can’t believe Twitter didn’t make this change earlier, but we’re grateful for it now.

3. Direct messaging is getting a makeover. Twitter users now have the option to allow anyone and everyone to direct message them. Previously, you could only DM people who were following you, but users can now DM anyone who sets their inbox to public. Brands everywhere can benefit from this more open form of communication.


1. Instagram has gotten an update that has once again ensured their status as a powerhouse photo app. While the platform has always been an industry leader when it comes to sharing photos, their editing features have been somewhat lacking. Now, users can add color and fade to their photos. Previously, if a user wanted to do this, they had to use an outside application to make these edits. In addition to this, Instagram has added a new feature that allows you to receive push notifications when your favorite Instagram accounts share new images.


1. Would you pay for an ad-free version of YouTube? The company thinks so, and is planning to roll out a premium version of the service by the end of the year. This will allow the company to begin turning a major profit, but the question remains: will anyone subscribe?

As always, each week brings about new changes in the world of social media. It’s crucial for digital marketers to stay on top of these updates, so keep in the loop by checking back each week for our social media update!

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