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Ode To Our Elevator

Posted on April 22, 2015 by Christopher Rhines


Every once in a while, every now every then,
A problem that’s First World, again and again,
At times in the morning, sometimes when we leave,
Our broken elevator, is our biggest pet peeve,

It breaks, then it’s fixed, then it breaks one more time,
The exercise is good though, all those stairs that we climb,
But clients don’t like, the upwards ascent,
To get to our office, so much energy spent,

So please won’t you hear us, our property dude,
We hope you don’t take this, as us being rude,
It will take lots of money, it sure won’t be cheap,
But a NEW elevator, would be really sweet!

About the author:

Christopher Rhines

Partner, Director of Development

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Christopher is the Director of Development and one of the partners at Torx. In addition to keeping Torx's Richmond office firing on all cylinders, he can often be found deep in the trenches, building custom content management systems and WordPress-powered websites. He still remembers how to write Basic computer programs on Apple IIs and Commodore 64s.