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Launch That Site Playlist

Posted on May 2, 2019

Finally ready to launch a new website? Having a full range of feelings about it? Well here’s a playlist you can play that goes through that full range of emotions during the launch, as well as the celebration after. Let’s preview some of the highlights, shall we?

The Final Countdown – You’ve finally worked through the many rounds of revisions from adding and removing a specific navigation item 4 times to testing the contact form to make sure half the company is getting the notifications. You’ve officially informed the client the site is ready for launch. And now you wait for the green light…

Let’s Get It Started – Client has given the green light to launch the site, FINALLY.

Maniac – You’re deep in the depths of moving over all the files from the development environment onto the live server. It’s crunch time.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours – You’ve done everything necessary for launch and have happily informed the client.

We are the Champions – The site has officially launched, it’s fully functioning, and the client is happy.

Check out the full playlist:

Make sure you follow the playlist and let us know if we’re missing any great launch songs!