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Lately in Social Media – 4/28/17

Posted on April 27, 2017

We’re pretty excited about the newest advertising options and features that our favorite social media platforms released this month – think improved targeting, more transparent metrics and new tools to monetize your content. Here’s what marketers need to know:


  • It’s not just you – big publishers are also seeing a drastic decline in reach lately. The prevailing theories are that Facebook is either pressuring brands to spend more, or is about to announce another major algorithm tweak. If you want to play their game, share more videos: One in 5 videos on Facebook are now live streams, and Facebook is testing an option for split screen live broadcasts can feature two people. Get your correspondents ready.
  • Smaller and mid-size advertisers are also airing their gripes about working with Facebook, and we second their assertion that it’s not easy to master their (self-serving?) advertising tools. To console everyone, Facebook trying to increase transparency by redesigning the Delivery Insights dashboard and offering previously unavailable metrics, with more changes promised later this year.
  • Do you collaborate with third parties or influencers? New tools make it easier for everyone involved to share branded content while abiding by FTC rules.
  • Facebook’s beefed-up Analytics for Apps can now track more cross-platform stuff, like when a connected page post prompts a user to contact a Messenger bot, visit the website or make an in-store purchase. For mobile app marketers, this is great for demonstrating that ROI your boss cares so much about.
  • Facebook probably heard publishers grumbling about their disappointment with sharing content through Instant Articles, especially issues with data collection, user subscription and monetization. Losing big players like the New York Times may or may not have prompted the release of some new options aimed at helping IA publishers increase subscriptions, but this is just a baby step toward the changes big publishers want to see. As for those of us relying on the old-fashioned link post, perhaps testing the flashy new headline style could gain more clicks from users who like pretty colors. Better yet, just wait a few more years for that next-level platform connection where Facebook can straight up read our minds.
  • Until then, bots are coming to Workplace, if you use it (Do you use it?). Related: Workplace is free now. Maybe that’s a reason to start using it? We’d love to know your thoughts on this.


  • We’re already testing out the lead generation forms you can attach to your sponsored posts, but have you tried the new matched audience option for ad retargeting? Try the advanced email techniques listed in this article, too.
  • Updates to the terms of service, which ask for permission to search for and share more information about you, look like a precursor to some new features on the way. These will include a suggestion option that copies your articles and public accomplishments on the web to your profile, and easy messaging tools like response prompts and bots.


  • Twitter is focused on efforts to monetize videos, hence the introduction of mid-roll ads.
  • The platform is also enhancing customer support features by adding location sharing options for DMs and testing a bot system to handle requests.


  • Unless you’re a big-league YouTuber with more than 10,000 lifetime views, you can’t monetize your channel through the YouTube Partner Program. Sorry if this impacts your channel, but at least they can’t take back the money you’ve already earned.


  • In case it wasn’t clear, Pinterest is more interested in being the next Google/Amazon search engine and not invested in becoming another Instagram. That’s why the platform announced it’s shedding the pretense of being a social network by dropping the Like button and sticking with the Save button, aka the primary function Pinterest serves. Rest assured that your likes won’t disappear, they’ll automatically become their own board.


  • Saving a lot of inspiring posts lately? Now you can organize them into Collections. Unless you just save Instagram posts to Pinterest…🙄
  • If you’re like us, the only times you’re not browsing Insta are when you lose wifi. But no more, because an upcoming update will allow you to browse offline, and will update all your activity, comments, likes and saves when you reconnect to internet.
  • As far as marketers are concerned, it looks like Instagram is winning the Story War against Snapchat. At least when it comes to scale and price.


  • Snapchat released their own ad retargeting and new bidding options for app marketers. For those who prefer ROI they can see, advertisers gained new data options to highlight the offline impact of their Snapchat ads. Also, advertisers can now track whether their custom geofilters are leading to sales – and they’re trying to keep Facebook’s paws off the technology, so don’t expect this feature to end up on the ‘book anytime soon.
  • Spiff up your snaps with new World Lenses, which augment your videos with 3D objects that move around in response to you. Looks pretty cool, not gonna lie. And if your brand aesthetic encompasses smiley rainbows and such, this feature was made for you.
  • What does the future have in store for Snapchat advertising, anyway? Some think it might be the next Twitter, but not in a good way.

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