Lately in Social Media – 3/30/18

Posted on March 30, 2018 by Jordan Pye

Posted on March 30, 2018
by Jordan Pye

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There’s an old Afghan proverb that goes, “As the sun’s shadow shifts, so there is no permanence on earth.” Sounds about right for social media. Let’s dive in:





  • How much more celebrity condemnation can Snapchat take? The real lesson though: Don’t ever mock domestic violence in advertising. Perhaps these kinds of faux pas are the part of the reason why they had to cut their staff again
  • It looks like Snapchat is preparing to give users the same control over third-party access to their data that Facebook users recently demanded.
  • If you use Snap Maps (Who are you? I have so many questions), those who have agreed to let you stalk them can continue oversharing with you through Map Explore. This update will enable users to share when they’re traveling somewhere new, checking in at a location or adding geofilters to their Stories. And earlier in the month, the Snap Map became available outside of Snapchat.
  • Here’s something I don’t get to say often: Snapchat stole an idea from Instagram and added the ability to mention other users in Stories. Maybe their next ideas will be more original?




  • A nifty new feature enables users to search specifically for jobs in their network, then adds a button to the job posting that allows users to “Ask for a Referral” from one of their connections.
  • A less nifty new feature: Video filters that are not exactly as fun as the ones on Snapchat.
  • Get ready to repurpose your video ads for the LinkedIn newsfeed!


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