Why Google’s Latest Search Engine Update is a Great Reminder To Ignore It

Posted on March 21, 2019 by Jeff Pollard

Posted on March 21, 2019
by Jeff Pollard

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This past week, search engine nerds began noticing an uptick in “search engine volatility” culminating in what has apparently been recognized as a pretty major update to Google’s search engine ranking algorithm. And I couldn’t stop myself from chuckling.

The article I was reading went on to describe the details of the alleged update and referenced no less than 8 sites that have trackers that track volatility in Google’s rankings and report them in nerd-gasmic detail to their readers.

Google later confirmed that it had, indeed, pushed out an update:

The article continued on, describing the angst in the SEO community over what to name this update, since apparently Google hadn’t given this update a name – and we absolutely have to name everything that happens in our society. I’m looking at you, Weather Channel, for feeling like it is necessary to name every winter storm. Google has since decided to name this update “March 2019 Core Update”, to which the SEO pundits responded with, “OK, then we’ll call it ‘The Florida 2 Update'”. 🙄

The reason that this article amused me so much is because it was a great reminder that while the SEO nerds may find it interesting to obsess over every little disturbance in the SEO force, here at Torx, we prefer to focus on the bigger picture of how your site will rank on the search engines. And that is: just focus on creating useful and interesting content that your users will find value in. That’s it! If your website visitors find your content valuable, they’ll share it with their friends, other sites will link to it, and before you know it, you’ll have great search engine positioning.

Don’t get me wrong: we still pay attention to major search engine changes that affect our clients’ websites. We just don’t waste our time trying to figure out how to game Google’s algorithm. We’d much rather spend that time helping our clients create great content and find exciting new ways to reach their target audiences.

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