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Favorite Richmond Things: Celestia Edition

Posted on July 7, 2022 by Celestia Trumbo

Every once in a while, we’ll do a round-up of all of our favorite Richmond things. Here’s what our Account Manager, Celestia, has to share!

Favorite Brewery:

Vasen or Triple Crossing. I love bringing cards or dice to either brewery and hanging with friends, but Triple Crossing Fulton does have the best pizza in town IMHO (spoiler alert).

Favorite Pizza:

Hot honey pizza at Triple Crossing Fulton, always.

Favorite Place to Hang Out:

I love hanging my hammock in the trees at Byrd Park and reading. That, or finding a river spot and swimming with friends.

Favorite Hike:

Richmond offers some really great trails, and I love making big loops out of them. A recent favorite has been starting at Nickel bridge, going through Buttermilk, across the footbridge (when open), stopping for some mango Soul Ice at Brown’s Island, and heading back along the north river trails past Maymont and back to the Nickel Bridge. It’s a decently long hike (~7 miles) with lots of pretty nature, but be sure to pack snacks and plenty of water! Other perks of this hike include stopping to swim at Belle Isle, or detouring to Basic City or Legends for a beer. Richmond hiking trail | Things to do in Richmond

Favorite Mexican Restaurant:

Kahlos Taqueria is my favorite so far because they offer delicious vegan options (chorizo tacos, cheese dip/nachos). I dream daily about their mangonada margaritas (mango + tajin = *chef’s kiss*)

Favorite Music Venue:

Lots to choose from, but The Camel is the one I frequent the most.

Favorite Bird Seen in Richmond:

I love kingfishers because their big heads look way too large for their little bodies and I think it’s cute. But, great blue herons have a special place in my heart, and they always look so graceful along the James. I even embroidered one on a shirt as a present for my boyfriend: Blue Heron embroidered on a shirt

Favorite Hardware Store:

Oh, you think this is a strange question? Well, then you must have never been to Pleasants! They are local, have all things hardware and garden, are very kind (they let me borrow a hedge trimmer to cut my bike lock off of my bike that was permanently attached to their building — long story), AND they sell homemade popcorn. Could you ask for more?

Favorite Alley Creature:

Anyone who knows me isn’t surprised by this answer: Possums! I even have a framed photo of one that my kind coworkers “adopted” for me for my birthday. Hope you’re doing okay out there, Frankie. framed picture of a possum

Favorite Market for Lunch:

It’s a tie between Stella’s and Union Market.

Favorite Shop in Carytown:

Merrymaker sells some beautiful and high-quality stationery and other writing accessories. I love stopping by there to peruse or to pick up a new journal or stickers.

Favorite Activity:

I’ve enjoyed playing kickball on a RCSS team a couple of seasons in a row. And after two seasons we finally won a game!

Favorite Bakery:

On any given day I’m craving a croissant from Sub Rosa. Their bread is stellar, too.

Favorite Local Sports Team:

Flying Squirrels, duh! I love baseball and I love Nutzy. group of friends with Nutzy and Nutasha, The mascots of the Richmond Flying Squirrels baseball team | Things to do in Richmond

Well, enough about us. We encourage you to go and check out some of Celestia’s local recommendations! If you do, let us know what you think! And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with our team lunches and other shenanigans.  

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About the author:

Celestia Trumbo

Senior Account Manager

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Celestia is the Senior Account Manager at Torx. She spends her days meeting with clients and managing projects to ensure everything runs smoothly and that our clients’ visions are brought to life. She loves soaking up as much technical information from our developers as she can, to equip her to best help our clients. She hopes that this technical know-how will also help her win at trivia one day!