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Children's Home Society of Virginia

Since 2009, we have had the privilege of providing Children’s Home Society of Virginia a wide assortment of digital marketing services that have been successful in a variety of ways.

As a non-profit organization, CHSVA relies on us to develop strategies and invoke our digital marketing magic, all while keeping ongoing costs as low as possible.

The Problem

Before Torx was selected by Children’s Home Society of Virginia, the client had yet to partner with an agency who could help them take advantage of the numerous effective digital marketing options available to them.

CHSVA’s website was in dire need of being refreshed, social media engagement was non-existent, and the client was not taking advantage of free advertising via Google’s Ad Grants program.

A major component of the problem was the lack of connection and cohesiveness between all of the different digital marketing puzzle pieces, which include the website, social media channels, pay-per-click advertising, and content marketing.

Our Solution

3x Facebook Page Likes

Through the management of CHSVA’s social media channels, which consists of content updates as well as paid advertisements, we have been able to increase likes, shares, reach, and overall engagement. During the time Torx has been working with Children’s Home Society of Virginia, the client’s Facebook page likes have more than tripled, and the implementation of paid social media ads have resulted in reaching a much wider targeted audience.

15,000+ Website Visits

We assisted in helping CHSVA enroll in Google’s Ad Grants program, which has resulted in over $72,000 (and counting!) of free advertising for the non-profit. Through the creation and optimization of ongoing highly-targeted Google Ads campaigns, we have generated over 15,000 unique visits to the Children’s Home Society of Virginia website. Additionally, a successful remarketing display ad campaign has generated over 14.5 million impressions and 39,000 clicks, which has increased CHSVA’s overall visibility.

2x Website Traffic From Organic Search Results

Even with the launch of the new CHSVA website, we realized that some of the website’s content was not incredibly engaging. The client was not properly telling the stories about all of the children that their organization has helped. After fine-tuning content throughout the new site, including the creation of new blog posts, website traffic from organic searches has more than doubled. CHSVA’s website now consistently ranks high on the first page of Google search results for queries such as “adoption agencies in Virginia”, “adoption in Virginia” and “children for adoption in Virginia”.

A New Website That Inspires

A desperately-needed website redesign was implemented with Torx handling all website development duties. CHSVA’s old website was overly-simple, outdated and uninspiring. The launch of the new website provided Children’s Home Society of Virginia a much more elegant way to tell their story, share information, engage with website visitors, and collect donations.

A Robust, Targeted and Cohesive Digital Marketing Strategy

Prior to Torx being hired to take the reigns of CHSVA’s digital marketing initiatives, the small amount of marketing activities that were happening were being executed independently from each other. Children’s Home Society of Virginia now has a more robust, targeted and cohesive digital marketing strategy that has resulted in heightened website activity, increased social media reach, and a higher amount of donations received.

If you have questions about this case study, or if you are interested in speaking with us about your own website or digital marketing project, we’d love to chat.

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