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Browsin’ USA

Posted on September 3, 2014

It’s the year 2014. (Spoiler alert. Sorry, folks.) It is the FUTURE. While we might not be rocking flying cars or weird silver jumpsuits with lightning bolts on them, we do live a huge part of our lives in front of computers bringing us the interconnected goodness that is the internet. And because experiencing the internet is such an integral part of our daily existence, doesn’t it make sense to make that experience as rich and fulfilling as possible? Well, if you’re using an old web browser, you might as well be looking at the web with mud-covered glasses through a dusty old periscope.

That Big ‘E’ Doesn’t Mean ‘The Internet’

“What is a web browser?” you might ask, or I’ll pretend you would, anyways. A web browser is an application (i.e. a computer program) that takes code on the internet and turns it into pictures of cats, or directions to cats, or cat assembly instructions.  Easy, right? Well, different web browsers have different ways of interpreting that cat-related information. Some browsers might not recognize that there’s supposed to be a rounded border around all the cats. (Or things other than cats!) Some browsers might not display different fonts correctly. And some browsers have security flaws that make the big bad web inherently insecure.

Old Browsers Ruin the Internet

By “some” in the preceding paragraph, I mean “old.” Old browsers ruin the internet for you, and for your friends here at Torx. “But my web browser worked just fine a few years back! Why would I want to change it? What a hassle! I hate you!” Wow, that was a little harsh, but allow me to explain. As the internet evolves, the way it is coded also evolves. New standards such as HTML5 and CSS3 let us designers and programmers do new and exciting things that we couldn’t do before, and here at Torx we’d rather spend our time crafting sites that are compliant with those emerging standards than trying to force old browsers to work correctly. That is why we only support the latest three versions of the most popular web browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, and Firefox. If you think that’s harsh, consider that Google only supports the last two versions of major browsers.

Get on the Good Foot

Lucky for everybody, updating your browser has never been easier. Many browsers now automatically update themselves so you don’t have to do anything. You can make sure you have the latest browser at WhatBrowser or Browse Happy and experience the web just like it was intended to be experienced.

Want a little corner of the web for your business that people can experience for themselves with those modern browsers? Just give us a call at 804-577-8679 or drop us a line.

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