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We Rank the 2023 Super Bowl Commercials

Posted on February 16, 2023 by Megan Hamlin

There was a huge concert this past weekend…I mean, football game – The 2023 Super Bowl, Super Bowl LVII. And I’m not going to pretend I speak football, so I can’t say if it was a good game or who deserved the title of MVP. But what I can say as a marketer is that the ads were entertaining, nostalgic, funny, and thought-provoking.

Like we do every year, our team compiled lists of their favorite commercials. Feel free to chime in and let us know what commercials were your favorite and why!

Drum roll, please…

Jeff's Favorite 2023 Super Bowl Commercial

I thought the star of this year’s super bowl was actually the game (for once!). It was a great matchup with the two teams seemingly very evenly matched. I wasn’t necessarily rooting for either team, but enjoyed the gameplay nonetheless.

On the commercial side of things, I thought Ram’ Trucks’ “Premature Electrifcation” spot was the best of the night. They did a great job taking every opportunity to make it seem like a pharmaceutical ad, even inserting clever text into the small legal text that appears at the bottom of the screen. And the testimonials from the couples really rounded out the tongue-in-cheek humorous approach. All around I thought it was a very memorable and creative way to introduce their new line of EV trucks.

Chris' Favorite 2023 Super Bowl Commercials

After looking back at my favorite Super Bowl ads from the past several years, I realize that I sound like an old man yelling at a cloud every year: “They just don’t make Super Bowl ads the way they used to! Bahhhhhh!!!!!” But I’m supposed to pick my favorites nonetheless.

Tubi Interface Interruption

This ad was effective simply because it immediately made people sit up and take notice. So many of us zone out during commercial breaks, and this ad did a terrific job of finding a unique way of making us look.

Workday Rock Star

This one hit a nerve (in a good way), because I too have become numb to non-rock stars being referred to as rock stars. From our own Careers page here on the Torx website: “We’re not looking for ‘rock stars’, ‘ninjas’ or ‘gurus’. Also, any ad featuring Paul Stanley from Kiss gets an immediate thumbs-up from me!

Celestia's Favorite 2023 Super Bowl Commercials

DoorDash: We Get Groceries

I loved this one solely because of Tiny Chef <3 If you don’t know, Tiny Chef is an adorable little chef who creates “the world’s tiniest dishes for the world’s tiniest cooking show.”

You can check out this video here to get acquainted with Tiny Chef (or not).

Squarespace: The Singularity with Adam Driver

Okay…don’t tell my bosses this one’s on my list. We build WordPress websites, and while WordPress is, in our not-so-humble opinion, a million times better than Squarespace, I loved this ad. I’d never thought about it that way: “Websites making websites.”🤯

TurboTax: Dancer

I instantly liked this one simply because I love “The Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats. Also, to me it’s proof that an effective and entertaining ad doesn’t have to be complicated. The best ads start with a simple idea that resonates with your target audience.

Megan's Favorite 2023 Super Bowl Commercials

I’m a sucker for nostalgia. So, my favorite commercials centered around two movies I grew up watching and loving – Clueless and Grease.

Rakuten: The Extended Cher Cut

Those outfits, the revolving closet, the catch phrases, ICONIC.

T-Mobile Featuring John Travolta

Cue “Summer Nights.” John Travolta even nails the same dance move he did in Grease at 0:51. He’s still got it! Also, I can’t forget Donald Faison (another Clueless cameo, YES PLEASE!)

If you try to tell me these weren’t the best commercials, I just have two words for you…AS IF!

Some honorable mentions for me: General Motors with Will Ferrell. I think Netflix should give him a real character in Bridgerton. I also laughed out loud when he re-enacted Squid Game.😂Roasting Mr. Peanut had me chuckling! Especially when he said Planters should have killed him off…again. Clever!😉I also have to mention Dunkin. They gave the people what they wanted – Ben Affleck and J.Lo! #couplegoals

I think we can all agree that Rihanna was the true winner of the night though.

Until Next Year

Let us know what your favorite moments were from the big game. We will be back with more videos next year!☺️

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