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There are many, many off-the-shelf content management systems to choose from these days. It’s possible that you may have already heard of some of these: Joomla, Drupal, Magento, ExpressionEngine, Squarespace… the list goes on and on. WordPress though, is by far and away, the most widely used content management system (CMS). As of June 2016, WordPress’s market share is an incredible 60%.

WordPress Is So Easy!

The primary reason that so many website owners have their sites built using WordPress, is because it’s is so easy to use. There is very little learning curve, and even the most non-technical individuals can manage and update their website’s content easily and quickly. Website administrators do not need to know HTML or CSS, let alone nerdy scripting languages such as Javascript or PHP. Using WordPress is as easy – if not easier – than using Microsoft Word and Excel.

It’s no secret that here at Torx, we’re big fans of WordPress. It makes our clients’ lives easier, and it is also user-friendly for developers as well. WordPress is based on PHP code and a MySQL database, both of which are programming languages and technologies that are well within our wheelhouse. We are incredibly comfortable working with WordPress, whether it’s locating and implementing one of its many, many plugins, or whether we’re diving deep into WordPress’s core codebase to “hack” at something in order to meet a client’s unique (and sometimes very complicated) business requirements.

Choosing The Right Tool For The Job

It is very important to point out though, that even with all of WordPress’s advantages, it is not always the right tool for the job. Its vast collection of plugins and the capability to make edits and revisions to its core codebase, make it extremely flexible. But some much larger websites and web application projects are actually a better fit for custom content management systems. Before any new project gets under way, we first acknowledge the pros and cons of developing in WordPress vs. creating a custom CMS. Our recommendation is typically based on overall business requirements, as well as what option is the most budget-friendly for our clients.

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5 Reasons WordPress Makes Updating Your Website Incredibly Simple

  1. WordPress is, in our opinion, the most user-friendly off-the-shelf CMS currently available. Managing and updating a WordPress website is simple. If you’re comfortable with Word and Excel, you’ll have zero problems with WordPress.
  2. You don’t have to be a web developer nerd to use WordPress. Learning HTML and CSS is not required, and you don’t even need to use FTP software.
  3. Most WordPress websites require very little upkeep from web developers. Over time, you’ll save money by having the ability to update your WordPress site yourself, instead of hiring a web developer making those changes.
  4. Google and other search engines love WordPress-powered websites. WordPress makes it very easy for search engines to analyze and index website content, which often leads to higher search engine rankings.
  5. For websites that have more intricate business requirements, WordPress’s extensive collection of plugins provides a plethora of options for extended functionality.

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