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Email marketing is an easy and inexpensive way to keep in touch with your current and past customers. Having the ability to collect email addresses creates an unobtrusive line of communication with those with whom you’ve conducted business. Email marketing campaigns that are properly managed will gently keep your company’s products and services on your customers’ radar. The ultimate goal of email marketing is to transform first-time customers into repeat customers.

Key Benefits of Email Marketing

Email is a primary method of online communication for almost all internet users. Even if your customers rarely visit your website, an email marketing campaign still enables you to reconnect with them.

Email marketing enables you to easily advertise sales and specials. Encourage your past customers to take advantage of your special offers.

Compared to traditional marketing campaigns such as print, radio, and television, email marketing is a terrific solution for budget-conscience business owners. For literally pennies per email, you can reach a very large audience without emptying your wallet.

Full-Service Campaign Management

Torx Media is capable of assisting you and your business with any or all aspects of an email marketing campaign. We have extensive experience, and can set up and manage accounts with services such as MailChimp and Constant Contact. A typical full-service campaign involves designing fully-branded HTML emails, managing recipient lists, analyzing and generating reports, and designing website landing pages associated with each email.

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5 Ways Email Marketing Can Help Your Business

  1. Email is the fastest-growing digital channel, and it’s also the most commonplace. Social media trends may fade away, but most everyone you could hope to reach keeps a personal or work email address that they access on their computer or phone. Why not meet those customers where they are by popping into their inbox?
  2. Of all digital marketing tactics, marketers typically find that email maintains the highest rate of return on investment. It’s a low-cost method that’s easily measurable, so you can make changes as needed and see where your marketing budget is paying off.
  3. Customers want personalized messages that matter to them. Email marketing allows you to deliver highly specific messages to clearly defined groups of customers, which increase the odds those customers will actually want to open and click. It’s a smart way to separate your message from those spammy blast emails that go straight in the trash.
  4. Building relationships with customers will always matter, and email is a consistent way to build their faith in your brand. A professional, branded email has the power to nurture leads, retain past customers and convert new ones all at the same time. For the customer who’s on the verge of making a purchase, a brief personalized email about a special sale might be the final nudge they need.
  5. Email is a versatile way to keep your customers informed. Whether it’s a sale, special promotion or breaking news, email is flexible enough to communicate most anything you want to share with your customers. The possibilities for engagement are endless!

Find out how we can help you reconnect with your customers via email marketing. Give us a call at 804-577-8679 or fill out the form below to contact us.