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Social Media Remarketing: Five Ways It Can Benefit Your Business

Posted on May 13, 2020 by Megan Hamlin

In these uncertain times, there is something that we can all be certain of…social media remarketing. We all have had one, two (well, let’s be honest…many) big brother types of experiences when scrolling through our favorite social platforms, whether that is Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook, where something you were just saying you needed or looked at pops up on your social feed like magic.

Boom! Just like that, right under your friend’s new at-home quarantine workout post is an advertisement for the newest cat toy. It catches your eye because you have been ordering litter and cat food online for the past three weeks. Why not spoil your new at-home coworker with a new wiggling fish toy!?

Social media remarketing is one of many tools a business can use to get in front of their target audiences in a cost-effective way. Remarketing has many other benefits other than being cost-effective.

I want to name at least five for you.

5 Social Media Remarketing Benefits


Brand Exposure

If you ask any marketer, it usually takes between three to seven times for a customer to see an ad before they make a purchase decision. Remarketing helps you place your ad on different platforms so that your consumer has a better likelihood of seeing your ad multiple times.


High Conversion Rates

With greater brand exposure comes higher conversion rates. Placing your ad where you know your consumer is going allows you to keep your business or product at the top of their minds, which increases the probability of them following through with their purchase decision.


Greater Return On Investment

You might be catching the trend by now. With brand exposure comes more conversions, and with more conversions comes a greater return on investment. This is because you are targeting people who are already interested in your services or product and in return you are able to achieve the return on your investment faster and with a lower cost per acquisition.


Specific Audience Targeting

The beauty and one of the best things about remarketing is that you are able to handpick who you want to target your advertisement to, whether that is based on certain demographics or interests or wanting to give that extra nudge to a consumer who has maybe visited your site and didn’t make a purchase the first time.


Flexible Budgeting

Just like any other form of digital advertising, remarketing allows you to pick the budget that is beneficial to your business and advertising needs. There is no magic dollar amount that every business must spend on remarketing for it to be successful because every business is different and has different goals in advertising. By using various reporting tools, agencies and yourself can calculate a tailored budget that fits your business needs.


Now more than ever, while consumers are stuck at home scrolling through their social feeds, it is important to position your business where they are spending most of their time. We would love to discuss how your business could benefit from this cost-effective tool and what platform would be best to remarket to the consumers you want!

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About the author:

Megan Hamlin

Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

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Megan is the Senior Digital Marketing Specialist at Torx. She is responsible for social media marketing, search engine marketing, content marketing, and email marketing. Getting clients qualified leads is her biggest goal. When she isn’t on Facebook or writing a blog, she can be found analyzing data to see how she can improve her digital marketing efforts.