Favorite Richmond Things: Sammy Edition

Posted on July 28, 2017 by Sammy Santosh

Posted on July 28, 2017
by Sammy Santosh

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Here at Torx, we love good old Richmond, the city we get to live and work in every day. So we thought we’d share¬†some of our favorite things Richmond has to offer.

Favorite food truck/cart:

A tie between Cheezilla and Goatacado. One is a delicious overload of cheese, while the other is a delicious overload of fresh veggies and avocado. Hard to choose between.

Favorite brewery:

Isley Brewing Co. In particular, the Choosy Mother, which is a peanut butter stout that looks dark but isn’t heavy and tastes like you’re drinking a peanut butter cup.

Favorite festival:

Festival of India. Lots of yummy food vendors, clothes and jewelry, and performances the whole weekend. I may or may not have performed a few times myself when I was younger….

Favorite place to go dancing on a Saturday night:

Vintage. It’s right above Pearl, and it’s a hidden gem. Lots of good music and dancing without having to go downtown.

Favorite place for dogspotting:

The Dominion Riverrock Dog Jumping competition. So many adorable doggies jumping into a pool of water with other puppers watching!

Favorite place to order takeout:

Thai food is perfect for takeout and my favorite Thai place is Thai Top Ten.

Favorite place to people-watch:

Any of the many spots with patios or rooftop bars. Some of my favorites are Postbellum or Quirk Hotel.

Favorite pho spot:

Pho So 1. Not the big one on Broad Street, it’s gotta be the one one on Rigsby Rd that looks like someone’s house.

Favorite coffee/tea place:

I’m more of a tea person, and chai specifically, so I like the chai tea latte at Shockoe Espresso.

Best place to mingle with hipsters:

Anywhere on or near VCU’s campus, because they’re EVERYWHERE!!

Best late-night snack spot:

Cookout. Because it has your savory and your sweet and is open late. Or Christian’s Pizza, which has lots of different combinations of pizza (even ravioli pizza!!) you didn’t know you needed.

Best place for an afternoon stroll:

The murals down at the flood wall in Shockoe Bottom are great to walk by after lunch.

Favorite venue for a show:

I like when bigger Broadway shows come to Richmond, like Wicked or Beauty and The Beast, so my favorite spot is the Altria Theater (it will forever be The Landmark to me!).


Did we miss any crucial spots? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook! And look out for favorite place round ups from our other team members in the future.

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