Favorite Richmond Things: Jordan Edition

Posted on April 20, 2018 by Jordan Pye

Posted on April 20, 2018
by Jordan Pye

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You’ve heard what Sammy likes, you’ve found out all of the crazy things that Chris likes, and then Jeff shared his favorites, too. By process of elimination, now it’s Jordan’s turn!

Favorite BBQ in Richmond:

I prefer North Carolina-style, but Alamo BBQ is consistently dank and their Twitter is pretty decent, too. Go for the Trainwreck!

Favorite bar for happy hours:

Joe’s Inn! They regularly rotate the draft beer offerings, and the bar side attracts a nice mix of ages and personalities. It’s always a good idea to eat dinner there, too.

Favorite place to get food within walking distance of the Torx office:

Mom’s Siam 2 is a monthly lunch tradition, because I am inexplicably obsessed with their Thai Noodle Soup bowl.

Favorite local radio station:

If I’m not cackling at my favoritest podcast of all time, I love tuning in to iPower 92.1 for the the Hard Drive at 5 (*HONK HONK*).

Best location for dogspotting:

I moved to Carytown last summer and the dogspotting around there is, quite frankly, bananas. Just the other day I saw a good old boi wearing a straw hat while out for a walk.

Favorite place to people-watch:

You can bump into some real characters at the Carytown Kroger any time of day. Or if you’re really brave, venture down to Shockoe Bottom after 11 p.m. on a weekend and be careful not to step in anything.

Best place for being seen and feeling bougie:

Quirk Hotel, of course. Bring your biggest sunnies and wear an off-the-shoulder top so your Insta is 💯 (See: Both photos on this page.)

Favorite local craft beer:

I love Hardywood’s Great Return. But if we expand “local” to mean Virginia-based breweries, my signature beer is definitely O’Connor’s El Guapo – “a handsome beer for handsome people.” Bring me your best tropical IPA and I’ll give it a try.

Favorite haunted Richmond location:

This is a tough tie between Hollywood Cemetery and the Poe Museum – both are fun places to visit again and again, and the blooms are so beautiful in the spring.


Belle Isle and the trails around the river are peak Richmond, and they’re super nostalgic for me because that’s where my fiancé and I spent some of our earliest dates. Just watch out for naked teenagers and don’t go strolling when it’s a million degrees out.

Favorite Richmond establishment to follow on social:

Locally sourced, micro brew Richmond memes, one hundred percent.


What are your favorite #RVA spots we’re missing? If you agree or disagree with any of these favorites above, let us know on Twitter or Facebook

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