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Declutter Your Website’s Home Page

Posted on March 17, 2016 by Christopher Rhines

Admit it. Your website’s home page has way too much crap on it. Let’s make some changes so that your site doesn’t get featured on an episode of Hoarders.

Before Declutterfest 2016 begins, first take a quick step back and ask the following question: What are the top 2 or 3 pieces of information that your website’s audience is looking for when they land on your home page? Not 4, not 5, 6 or 7 items… No more than 2 or 3! Those few pieces of concise and highly-targeted content will satisfy the vast majority of website visitors’ quests for information.

The content you provide on your home page should not be content that you want to see. Instead, it should be content that your website visitors are searching for. You absolutely need to place yourself in the shoes of your audience and ask, “As a potential customer, what is it that I want to learn from visiting this website?”

Unless absolutely critical to your business goals, let’s get rid of the following items….

  • Social media feeds and “share” links
  • Ads and links that direct users off-site
  • Auto-playing videos and useless “widgets”
  • Bloated paragraph text and unnecessary lists
  • Useless sidebar content
  • Link-heavy footers

Also consider limiting your primary navigation/menu to just a handful of options. Providing too many choices for the user sometimes creates analysis paralysis, which results in your audience potentially not finding what they’re looking for…. or worse yet, ultimately leaving your website altogether.

Your home page should be designed in a way that subtly guides and assists your website visitors to the information they seek. And when your visitors easily locate the information they seek, you’re more likely to receive the conversions that you seek.

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About the author:

Christopher Rhines

Partner, Director of Development

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Christopher is the Director of Development and one of the partners at Torx. In addition to keeping Torx's Richmond office firing on all cylinders, he can often be found deep in the trenches, building custom content management systems and WordPress-powered websites. He still remembers how to write Basic computer programs on Apple IIs and Commodore 64s.